My name is Sabine Cumiskey
My passion is Photography
I always loved it
but 2020 I decided I want to learn more about, 
I want to now all there is to know. 
And my journey began over Youtube first, 
then over lessons with different and very good trainers and 
then I decided to study it. 
It is so complex and I learn every day more about it. 
I am never without my camera
as a lot of the times the best shots are there when you not expecting them. 
I am just at the start but to tell a story with my pictures
to create the atmosphere that you feel it again 
when you look at them that is my goal
If you like to have a print or calendar of mine. 
Just contact me over the email below. 
If you like my pictures, you can follow me on instagram. 
I just think, take your camera and 
start to catch the unique moments of your life. 
All the best. 
Kind regards 
Sabine Cumiskey
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